Friday, 8 January 2010

Vent du Sud on fire!

What better to do when it's cold and snowy than a nice warm fire, a rug... and getting cosy?

Since I've been sitting here watching the white stuff weigh down the palm trees (yes, even in southern France), Menthal Oh and I decided it was time for Vent du Sud to get busy on a whole new special theme, so we have joined forces to offer a host of fireplaces, firebowls, log baskets, fire tools, and luscious animal skins.

Lots of styles, lots of colours: from classical to modern to rustic to sleek designer models. A big, central feature or a corner fireplace to save space - the choice is yours.

These are really not just any fireplaces. We both love making them so I think the challenge of trying to outdo each other means we've come up with something really special. Up to you to judge!

Low-prim of course, although you'd never know it. And with a meticulous eye for detail (flames on/off on most, soft crackling, gentle lighting effects, sliding glass doors... check them out).

Permissions? Copy / mod. Great if you want to furnish a set of houses, or place a couple of fire pillars or baskets outside.

And the best part: Every day (or two) we'll be offering one item each at HALF PRICE. There are also a couple of freebies and nearly-freebies to be had as you wander around the whole new area, right on the Vent du Sud main square, beside the teleport point.

First up is this incredibly detailed hanging fire basket for 65L instead of 129, and the cute, rustic stove (on the right of the photo above) for 50L instead of 100L. But come grab them now as we'll be moving onto others sooner than you think. Find them easily thanks to the 50% off sign.

Last teaser... there's a small, transfer version of the blue fire pillar in my subscribo: hop over and click - it's a great way of discovering just how pretty these fires are.
(More fires at Menthal's store right next door, too, if these aren't enough for you!)

Watch out for the next specials over coming days (and tomorrow, a flame red dress on the 'fire' theme from Rett, which I suspect is already out and ready at her store, at a big discount)

You really need a new fireplace, don't you? Come and choose one that's perfect for you, and from Vent du Sud, of course!

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