Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Will spring ever happen?

Yesterday, we had sunshine. Today... pouring rain again plus thunder (yay for lightning-proof socket-thing for the PC) and COLD. Not quite how you'd imagine spring in southern France.


But anyway, it's spring at Vent du Sud... or at least we're gearing up for all sorts of things including some great spring FASHION from Rett, Alan and Ashton &  Lane.

First off today, though, newness and as always a special offer as a kick-off: A whole bench of spring plants (and you can change each sort of flower by clicking - clever, huh?) So lots of combinations of tulips, crocuses, daffs. Including the watering can and the soil riddle. And being mod-copy, you can also help yourself to any of the plants or the watering can separately (the plants and watering can are all 2 prims each). Good deal!

Prims: 12
Price: normally 195, today at just 100L.
Find it on the square.

Next up, a watering can with three sculpty tulips.  
Prims: 5
Normally 79L, today just 35.

And last but not least, see the rock amid the daffs? It'a poofer and a special dollarbie

Meaning a LOT of flowers for just ONE prim and 1L (and it turns on and off on touch). 

Find it near the big olive tree, and help yourself!
But before you go, hit the subscribo outside Vent du Sud? It's time for another gift in there and I should finish it in a day or two (as my RL garden is a sea of mud...).
Hope to see you soon in Vent du Sud!

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