Saturday, 20 March 2010

Because you need to dream: the tower

After 3 weeks of RL work hell and precious little time for SL, here's the Vent du Sud tower.

Because we all need to dream a little, no?

Superb textures and incredible detailing. Old stone, pure marble, shimmering water, soft lighting from an elegant chandelier, a touch of hanging greenery and elegant wrought iron - plus luxurious extras.

It can be so many things:
- a place to exchange your vows or for any special moment
- a romantic hideout in the sky or on land
- a stunning feature for your land: whether it's a fantasy setting, a mediaeval one or far more modern. Check it out and you'll see!

~ Packed in an easy to use rezzer with full instructions in English and French
~ Fully rezzed, 48 prims. Without the cushions, topiary pillar and firebowl in the top room, 40.
~And as it's MOD / COPY you can place as many of the cushions, firebowls and the greenery as you like. (The cushions are in rich brocade, colour change, and have 3 great animations).
~The soft muslin curtains are retractable, so it's delightfully cosy for those romantic moments or airy and breezy and open to the sky (see below)
And to mark my first weekend off in ages it's out at for half price for just a VERY few days only:
just 500L instead of 995L!.

Find it in the sky above Vent du Sud: direct tp here, with an information board too (and a tp down to the sim to check out our great fashion and decor!)
Enjoy - and feel free to linger a while and DREAM!

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