Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Romance, spring, fireflies and other strange happenings

There an unmistakable air of - well - ROMANCE in the air at Vent du Sud.

Yes, yes, I know. It's spring. Young man's fancies and all that but it seems to be contagious, or at least it's bringing out the pastel colours in me.

Rett is talking about fabric swatches and then wandering off to dance (and I'm trying to persuade her to put her wedding dress on sale... but - if you quote this blog and tell her you're getting married, I'll wrangle a reduction out of her). Find it on the easel in her store.

Me? I'm still scattering flowers everywhere (and haven't reset those I put out at half price yet as they're going down well - see yesterday's blog), and Menthal... well...


Yes, I know particle fairy lights aren't new. But this is SO PRETTY. Little bursts of soft, pastel lights that float and dance and sway lazily up into the air. 

Perfect for a dance floor, for your garden. Easy controls, and you can tuck the emitter away and just dance or sit and dream (romantically) as they float around you. It's VERY soothing, believe me.

Pop over, have a dance on the square, and turn it on (it's next to the smoke emitter and the bubbles and yes you can click on those too -  I'm quite used to logging in and finding the place awash with both).

Today and for a couple of days, get it for HALF PRICE at 250L (and it's mod/copy too so think garden, terrace, club... even your bathtub - grab some candles from Vent du Sud and you're all set). The box is easy to find and has a picture on it saying FIREFLY MACHINE (near the tp point).

Oh... and take his plane or go-kart for a trial run while you're there?

Ah spring, Gotta love it. It's even making a grumpy old cynical like me get romantic and pastel-ish. Should I worry?

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