Sunday, 7 March 2010

Rett has a Sale (and Ari tries not to faint)

Being self-employed in RL has its perks. There are times when I can hop inworld to watch virtual waves or fiddle with a couple of prims instead of office coffee breaks, for instance.

And there are times when I spend five days in the same pair of virtual jeans, hopping in for a couple of minutes and falling asleep in front of the PC in the evenings (not highly appreciated by virtual dancing partner). Like last week.

I'm about to embark on yet another week of suitcases and deadlines but rushed inworld looking for ideas to blog when Rett collared me. "Nice jeans, Ari... you must like them a lot". Yeah, yeah...

And then she floored me.

"Ari, I'm going to Have a Sale". (Rett likes capitals for emphasis).

Rett? A sale? Is the sky falling?

(Picture break: gorgeous 'Bali Sunrise' which is just soooo pretty... and yep, in the sale).

No, in fact she deserves a huge HUG. She enjoys Vent du Sud, likes people to discover it, and decided it would be a great idea as an exclusive place to find her unique outfits at half price.

"Including that Red one you like" she grinned.

This won't be for long, mind. In my half-asleep state I think she said 'a couple of days, Ari'.

Rett's philosophy is to make a few, beautifully finished outfits and quietly replace them after a while. Whether she's going to retire the half-dozen or so on her Sale Wall (note capitals) I don't know yet (and yes, forgot to ask, my bad) but they are so not typical 'earlier stuff to sell off cheap'.

See the red one? Sorry, Red one? That too. Here.
See this one, for instance: it moves like a dream: a lovely, floaty salsa dress (and why yes it's called Salsa)

So, time to wander over to Rett's place at Vent du Sud and snap up a couple this weekend. Because This may Never Happen Again (or at least until I'm seen hanging around in the same jeans for 5 days).

And, of course, Menthal is still to be seen posing in his rustic bath and shower (see a couple of posts earlier) and demonstrating his smoke and bubble emitters in his boxers, for the delight of female visitors (he's been holding the fort too....).

Me? Well... check out the lamps and candles (see also a couple of posts back). Not had time or energy to put the prices back from the 20L deal yet... but I do have my  IMs set to mail so around for any questions about the Vent du Sud lighthouses, etc.!

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