Monday, 23 August 2010

Flattery gets you everywhere and CONTEST, people


Journey blogged the beach hut

Oh my that girl has flair. I need prims and I need 'em NOW.

Shamelessly stealing her photo but do look at the interior shots too. Wow.

She can take photos like a dream, including fashion shots that make me want to go spend Lindens I don't have. Take a look at her blog PrimGameProper in the sidebar because it's one to add to your must-read list:

Back to the contest though: read on

Here's a bit of the tree house which you can win by sending me (Ariadne Korda) a notecard in the next 2 days remember? Contest in yesterday's post and see both that and the beach hut and then get writing.

"Dear Ari I need your tree house / beach house to live in because I am a homeless elf / dreamer / beach bum and you are the greatest most fabulous most modest builder in SL"

That would do it.

Been meeting some great people recently I have to say, including Em Ellesmere of Sleek Home: also just added because (no not just because she blogged me) she's fun and also has a flair with decor.

I have to get to work as I am still typing VERY SLOWLY still but I think I have the letters sussed. Punctuation still requires peering at the keyboard *sigh*.

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