Friday, 26 November 2010

Plumgasm, and thank you and FAQ

This was me yesterday, up above Vent du Sud, deciding to make a few things in plum (yes, I got a little carried away). And there is more to come but I kept popping different colours in the bedding to give you more choice...

It will be in the store for the weekend (and YES all at 1L) like the rest. Or if you're in a hurry, fly up 500m from the Vent du Sud square and help yourself.

This, for instance - and the lamp works! 1L only

Which leads me to a very short FAQ after several questions and a little mushiness after some lovely comments and questions over the last few days...(thank you thank you thank you!)

Is this a sale?
No. It's indefinite and probably permanent.

Do I still get customer service?
Sure do. There are times when RL work is frantic, but I do get back to people.

What permissions?
Mostly copy or mod/copy. Not transfer or full perm, sorry.

Are you going to leave the same stuff out or add new?
LOTS of new. See the photo above. I'll be moving things around, changing them, trying to improve. So all the more reason to join the subscribo - I'll let you know about new things and others that will be retired (see also below).

Do you do custom versions or colours or builds?
Yes, yes and YES. Nothing I like more in fact, time permitting. Just send an IM to me, Ariadne Korda and we'll talk. If I'm not there and the IM to mail doesn't work, poke me. Preferably nicely.
Prices? If it's a quick job, nothing. If you want half a sim building, we'll talk!

Why are some things not marked down?
I missed a couple, sorry! Let me know if you find any more and I'll change them although I think I got just about everything now.  

Are these clunky dollarbies?
Erm... no. Can I suggest you come look? Criticism welcome, though, and encouragement also.

Where's the donations box so I can shower you in Lindens?
Thought you'd never ask. Small barrels here and there. It's nice, but not expected. 

Last note... if you want the nautical or summertime elements stuff (above and below) grab it now as in the next few hours as most of it will be making way for plummy goodness. 

And the whole ensemble here, colour change yadda yadda, will cost you a grand total of... 10L, for all you see. Right up front of the Vent du Sud mainstore.

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