Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Vent du Sud cabin - cosy version for 50L

Shame your beach cabin isn't available in some weatherbeaten wood, said a friend. It would look so cosy

Well, now it is: the Vent du Sud winter cabin
(PS, and on request, there is a smaller version out too - perfect for Christmas market booths!)

Really detailed, fine texturing, windows you can click to close and get cosy, and an incredible...
20 prims.  

Price? 50L, of course (like the other great builds)


Accessories, including the stove, the chair... all just 1L.

So go get it... the accessories won't be around long as I will fill it with some Christmas things soonish.

As for me, I'm keeping warm in one of Zaara's gorgeous pashminas.

Come on over and warm your hand, and pick up a real bargain or three.

And to all those who said they liked the whole new approach by Vent du Sud - thanks. I'm having FUN!

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