Monday, 29 November 2010

52 weeks of colour - Plum (and lighthouses)

It snowed here in Provence this week.

And no, didn't look pretty. Dark, billowy clouds and grey skies - a good time to pull out a lovely plum sweater for the challenge and trim it up a little.

Then off for a wander around Vent du Sud to see the big lighthouse in winter dusk.

In fact, it made me want to pop in a few bits of furniture and a fire...

(Yes, the Vent du Sud plumgasm line, how did you guess).

Yes, 1L.

But no, I just watched the snow fall a little more.

Vent du Sud has three beautiful lighthouses for  new, amazing  build prices of 50L. Please fly around and look: there's a luxury model with roomy interior and decks, a smaller one, plus an offsim one. All 23 prims or less. 

The textures... well just go look!

Plus of course our furniture and decor all at 1L (including... plum but lots more)

Fashion: Morgan hair by Truth, MG sweater 'hunting season' in plum, gloves and socks by Picnic (also deep plum) with an extra: fur cuffs from a Zagoskin ski jacket. And my favourite J's round toe boots.

Drop by and see the Vent du Sud lighthouses and our lovely bit of (sunny) SL Provence?

¨PS: but snowy, wintry, festive things coming soon

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Luna Jubilee said...

I love lighthouses ... this is great post showing off the challenge and the location! Well done!