Saturday, 27 February 2010

Menthal's boxers (or Vent du Sud... differently)

At Vent du Sud, we've had bubbles. We've had mist. We've had silly afternoons racing vehicles that range from high-speed cars to ice cream carts. We've had 'Ari's lighthouse phase', and Alain's superb carnival costumes. And a lot of other things.

And now, we've got something else.

"How about having RUSTIC as one of our future themes?" I said to Menthal in passing.

A couple of days later, I descended from building up on my platform (OK, in fact I accidentally turned the platform phantom instead of the water and actually fell back onto the square) to find two French girls admiring this:

Uh-huh. I'm not quite sure they were admiring the bubbles, or even the shower itself. The boxers definitely had something to do with it, as was what was inside it (Menthal, should I mention you're single here?).

Anyway, it's a great piece of building (the shower, OK?). Tatty (closing) curtain, sponge, barrel up top, dripping shower head. Superb for any rustic builds.

Prims? 21 (but hey, you even get the puddle on the floor for that. Price? 490L. But I have the feeling that if you're blonde and send Menthal Oh a friendly (friendly, eh? Not X-rated!) IM he may be flexible. Could even work for brunettes, actually.

He may kill me for saying that.

Anyway, on to yesterday. After yet another session on tower-building (remember to save a version and then it doesn't matter if you screw up all the texture repeats, Ari...), I came down again. More ladies over by Menthal's store. I cammed into find...


Now, he said he still had the boxers on.  But...

Why is there a line of clothing that would suggest he didn't?

Ah, mysteries.

So, if you're the sort who prefers baths to showers, that's just 390L and 22 prims (including the sponge, the tub of steam, and... er... the rather dubious-looking underwear). Sold in a pack with the said undies and tub separately.

Find them both here, out on the square (!!) - and even if it's just to try them out - believe me they're fun but please keep the undies on as this is supposedly a PG sim....

I'm off back to finish the tower. Dread to think what I'll find next.

However, we are still missing a rustic toilet, no? Menthal?


See what happens when I'm away blogging.

Note the pink toilet paper... and you can't see the flies but I promise they're there.

This... is just 100L. You know you need one. Again... here. Just close the door when you've finished, OK?

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