Thursday, 1 April 2010

Spring again, Robin and another special dollarbie!

R0bin Helsinki (note the zero, not the o) is a hugely active and talented photographer with exhibitions all over SL.

She just loves to share her photos, and travels all over the world  to take them (she just got back from Surinam!). Check her profile for some of her ongoing shows on SL, and she's always happy to talk about the places she's been.

And, fortunately for us, she's a friend of the gang at Vent du Sud, so when I said 'you live in Holland, no? So how about some spring flower-y tulip-y photos?' she hopped right over to offer us a mini-expo in our quiet little courtyard next to Rett's store, easily visible from the tp point.

As always, these are just stunning, and Robin being Robin, at tiny prices for original, incredibly sharp original photos. Or just come and look - you're always welcome here whether you buy or not!

So (preferably after you've snapped up the flower bench and other spring goodies outside Vent du Sud  - see two posts ago - which I am going to put back to their normal price today, by midday SL), do come and see these: they're guaranteed to cheer you up!

I'm also still in a dollarbie mood, so come by and pick up some tulips in a pot: 2 prims, 1L, transferable.  Right by the photos!

(and don't forget to check out Vent du Sud's three great fashion creators for some great spring treats while you're at it? More on their spring newness very soon)

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