Thursday, 2 December 2010

Yes, THAT sort of bed. A Vent du Sud, er, exclusive

If you haven't seen  Journey Lorakeet's blog, Prim Game Proper, than go look - some great, unusual fashion finds and fabulous photography. On my blogroll over there.

 However, she has an amazing sense of humour too, and is also responsible for this. 

Yes, it's a little over the top. But it was fun.

Retractable curtain, and singles, hugs and... the rest. 1L. 12 prims.

Yes, this is one of THOSE beds. Although I always thought my SL vocation didn't include, y'know, that sort of animations, I did buy what could be coyly termed an 'engine' (hah!) a while back when making stuff for friends.

It has quite a LOT of rather nice anims, actually. Not the clunky freebie ones (yes OK I tried it out as a good builder should). 

With the curtain up and no, no pics of couples - you'll have to try it.

Back to Journey. Her reaction to the Plumgasm line (at the Vent du Sud mainstore) was...
 Journey Lorakeet: I'm still waiting on the humpable plums
[09:49]  Ariadne Korda: You want humpable plums?
[09:49]  Ariadne Korda: I may quote you on this
Ariadne Korda: you do realise I shall never look at a plum the same again now?
[09:51]  Journey Lorakeet: yes, that is my intention
[09:51]  Journey Lorakeet: gutter minds
[09:51]  Ariadne Korda: think alike?
 Ariadne Korda: humpable plums then (WHAT AM I SAYING?)
[09:52]  Journey Lorakeet: YES

So off I went to make one. A nice big, fun, plummy, playground sort of bed which could double as a (small) gazebo.
Remember to click on the circular curtain?

This will be an exclusive in a manner of speaking. As in it will be out on the Vent du Sud square today only for 12 hours or so as of right now.

Yes, you may try it (fully clothed, please). You may buy it for 1L (or contribute more if so inclined, it being a limited (in time) edition and all... LOL).

And then it will be tucked back in my inventory again, never to emerge.

(Or should I do a red Christmas version?) 

Mind, I will take suggestions (even from Journey) for other, er, items outside my usual range. Except it will probably be named after you.  I would even make it in apple or banana if really pushed...

Vent du Sud. Where challenges can at times involve a whole lot of fun. 

And, of course, don't forget to check out our decor (1L for everything) and builds (50L each). 

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