Monday, 9 May 2011

Orange, fun, vrooom (52 weeks of colour, tangerine)

Now, I could have done a long rambly post about how 2011 is treating me badly, but I won't (who loves whining?).

So let's have some fun instead.  And at last some news from Vent du Sud.

 First, orange and only a week behind (credits later).

The real star of the post, however, is this

No, not this...


Menthal has been building (so have I, but that's for another post). (And yes, FINALLY).

And it is superb. The wheels turn, the lights, the exhaust work. The dashboard is stunning.

It is quite honestly a marvel of texturing, scripting, and is is FUN. And a staggering 30 prims only.

And no, it's not on sale yet, but SOON. And there are three-and four-seater models coming.

AAAAAND there will be custom paint jobs.

Now, me being me and having decided that it is time to get going on Vent du Sud again instead of gazing at my own navel...

...You can win one of these

Not now, but soon. Via this blog, no less. Once the first model is up for sale (at Vent du Sud),  there will be a prize draw (free, of course). More details later but hitting the subscribo at Vent du Sud would be good as we'll publish details there too.

Not into cars? I'm sure we could arrange for it to be given as a gift too.

And now credits; Orange top from Vanitas Vesture (new discovery, great place), capris from Nyte and Day, hair Monica from Exile.  On Menthal, bad me forgot to ask but the sweater (tinted tangering to please me) is from Coco.

 Want a last look?

Seriously, you need one of these, no?

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