Friday, 20 May 2011

Weathered newness, olive (52 weeks of colour), dead routers, and Ayla.

I guess weathered feels a bit like me right now. Seen a little stormy weather and a bit worn around the edges but with a certain quaint charm? More on the 50-L Vent du Sud weathered tree platform below.

(And no, no, don't flock to the comments to tell me that I am as young and beautiful as I feel, because that would be around 90 and ugly. Think overwork. Think endless deadlines. But anyway, Vent du Sud (and me) aren't quite dead yet).

Close, though.

And speaking of dead, my router / ADSL box died yesterday, meaning 3 hours on the phone followed by a 3-hour trip to pick up a replacement. No, kind person, posting it to me for 'around Tuesday' when I work on the net...


Olive? Tree platform? Hold on, we're getting there.  This could be an olive tree, if you stretch your imagination a bit. Although never seen one that high...

Here we go. One amazingly low-prim weathered tree platform (16) to dance on, to watch the stars and waves, or to toss a couple of cushions or a patio set on (go look at the Vent du Sud mainstore for those, all at 1L?) and watch the sun set. Haul up the ladders, and relax. Direct tp right here or take a stroll around the island (and look out for a big tree not far from the tree house...

And on to olive. *Cough* yes this is a terrible photo but the others were worse.

And not really enough credit for Ayla's really, really cute Kirsty top in olive so I stole a better one from her blog. She makes other really, really affordable and fun stuff too at great prices. Check out her blog here and her store here.

Back soon when I have wrangled with another couple of deadlines, but there has to be light at the end of the tunnel soon... or will it just be another train coming?

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