Sunday, 22 May 2011

Two birds one stone, freebie, Tabs, neon carrots and pink

Think serendipity. Think two of my unfavourite colours in a combination I like.

Think free (scroll on for a Vent du Sud freebie also...)

And think Icing, and the various fabulous freebies you can find there, including this dress (and some really superb other things). Go look. It moves beautifully too.

And the freebie? Getting there.

Please help yourself to this deckchair at the Vent du Sud dock.

And no, no direct tp but take this one... which takes you around here...
... then go through the arch (purchasing many many things as you go, of course, including the 50 patio store itself, or the decor for 1L a piece... or the summer cabins, or the hammocks...

...And you will find the peaceful Vent du Sud dock, including a pedal boat ride and dancing and swimming*...

and this.

(and that is Tabs, one of SL's incurable romantics, who lives at Vent du Sud and promotes it - and is happily partnered so you can't have him... but he's great fun to talk to)

But you CAN have the deckchair he is sitting on, for free.  Or splash out on the Cap'n and Mate ones for 1L each.  Copy. Three poses. Custom personalised textures if you ask nicely and pay me the upload fee for the texture...!

Last look at this gorgeous dress?

There you go. Hair by Damselfly (Klavdiya) and Yay wedges from HOC.

And scenery from Vent du Sud (another quiet beach where you can feel free to dance thanks to our well-stocked Intan. Feel free to wander around and find it.

*sit on the little wedge and dive in, or click on it for LOTS of dives. It's wonderful! And having dived in, you can then swim around Vent du Sud and buy MORE!


Luna Jubilee said...

terrific dress! <3

Laila Laperriere said...

Beautiful dress. You did a fantastic job of blending the birds, stones, freebies, tabs neon carrot and pink ~takes a breath~ in one post! Rarely done, but you kicked its butt! =) GREAT job!


LOL what can I say? I am wordy and a bit short of SL and blogging time!

Anichka Savira said...

That is a very pretty dress. I love it when colors can be combined! Great post, thanks for sharing!