Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tiny post, hunt, gift, no it is not breedable, and thanks

Because milk churns are CUTE and decorative and I have too much RL work to get other stuff out... here they are, out at Vent du Sud.

The set of smaller ones is a gift to say thanks for supporting Doctors Without Borders last month. The bigger trio is a massive 1L. Copy, modify. 

Just think, you could have churns everywhere. You think there's a market for breedable churns?

OK, no. Sorry.

(and if you didn't buy anything last month then please still help yourself... and join the subscribo. Please. Thank you. I have lots of stuff nearly ready to put out). 

Grab the milk churns right outside the Vent du Sud mainstore, and pssst, new hunt gift also for the Perfect Couples Hunt.

Go... hunt. Sign outside the store too. It's a nice gift but no, not saying what it is. 

Back to work (yes, I know it's Sunday. Tell my clients that, huh?)

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