Saturday, 11 June 2011

Perfection, things you go back to, denim, Enky (52 weeks of colour)

Back in 2007, when new avatars had system shoes, I bought my first EVER pair of real shoes from Enkythings. Talyn, they were called; I felt like a million dollars. Oh, and his boots. Still among the very best in SL.

I tried on my Talyns not long ago and they are still good.

Enktan Gully, the maker, didn't release anything for 2 years, but... he's back. And he's brought out Talyna, in 12 wonderful colours. They are just gorgeous. Real classics. The ones you go back to.

By coincidence, a couple of years ago, it turned out that Enktan was a friend of my mate Agade (who is now his store manager). So when Talyna came out, I wondered if to shamelessly beg a pair come to some sort of arrangement.
One fat pack later, and with regrets that I forgot to take a photo of Enktan (who is a rather chubby sparrow in SL), ENKYTHINGS is at Vent du Sud!

So come look at Talyna because oh my it's good.

And there's a demo. And the blue pair? Just perfect for jeans.

 So, so good. No retouching, no smoothing on this photo - just perfection in SL shoes.

And something, like that perfect pair of soft, comfy jeans, you can go back to. For years.

Credits: GField capris, and - well of course - Talyna by Enkythings (right here at Vent du Sud).


Anonymous said...


"Talyn" were one my first pumps too and I felt like you after I got my first pair: Like a million dollar.

I must see the new ones.... I MUST :)


These are just GORGEOUS.

I am going to nudge Enktan when he's back (he's on vacation) to do a special colour for Vent du Sud, so any suggestions welcome ;)