Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Settees, surprises and other new stuff

Finally, at long last, I finished adjusting poses and adding texture options to some of the junk amazing stuff on my work platform and put it out

This, for instance. New couch / sofa / settee and other things at Vent du Sud.
Couch (7 prims, singles / friends and couples anims and four texture options to click on), chair and table to match. And yes of course 1L each, mod/copy. Two of the colours here, more below.

I even thought work might be quieter and I could get MORE stuff finished, but that light at the end of the tunnel was another ****** train coming (this is a family-friendly blog but you get the point).

New bookshelf with lots of 1L pretties too (grey wood one, see the other photo).

I need to de-clutter my mainstore. I need to finish off / take photos of a whole bunch of other things.

It will happen. I do still believe in Vent du Sud but work and other hassles mean SL has been a little up and down recently. But I am still here. And I ain't going nowhere (and why yes I work with words. This is poetic licence and yes I am digressing and repeating myself because... I can).

But while you're snapping up some cute new stuff of mine (after scrolling though this abysmally rambly post)... take a quick look at a  
BIG NEW SURPRISE at Vent du Sud.

I need to take more photos of it all (says she cryptically) but can we say one of the most talented people in a certain field of fashion is showing off his latest venture next to the Vent du Sud mainstore?

No, no hints but there are demos available, and when it come to class and workmanship, it doesn't get any better than this. Go look - you know you want to!

Back to the lovely curvy settee or couch or sofa or whatever you want to call it...

Here's a little photo spam. Blogger, of course, hates me and refuses to line them up, so I have to fill in this bit of blank white page somehow...

White linen
Meaning I can put another link to Vent du Sud in here, right?

Enjoy. Remember the surprise, and go admire!

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