Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ruby - a revelation and a Resident (52 weeks of colour)

I should be blogging about some new stuff up at Vent du Sud but yesterday, see, I WENT OUT.

This place

.It is so, so beautiful that even being accosted by well, a fairly tenacious 'new resident' with less than honourable intentions didn't spoil it.

So peaceful, so tranquil, so WISTFUL there. My photos don't do it justice. And it had a heron that told me he is a second cousin of Harold, at Vent du Sud.

Mr Resident told me he would like a beultiful woman like me. I cut him slack because he was not a native speaker, said thank you, and moved on.

It even has a grand piano.

Mr Resident tried to sit on it. Mr Resident was becoming irritating.

So with one last look (and reluctantly hitting the mute button for my new admirer who told me he knew good sexy place), I headed back to Vent du Sud to build things again.

I must get out more often. Go visit this place though, it's stunning. And then, of course, drop in at Vent du Sud to see what I've been putting in the mainstore.

Credits: Corset from 5th & Oxfort, beautifully made. Harem pants from Milk Motion. Bracelet from Muse, sadly no longer on SL. Truth Pia hair.

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Luna Jubilee said...

love those photos - really pretty!