Thursday, 2 June 2011

Swingingly, swimmingly: swings that swing

There are times when I wish I had a nine to five job with things like weekends and vacations. But my work swings wildly from ridiculously busy to just busy.

However, I am sort of catching up and finishing things, so expect a whole lot of new items arriving at Vent du Sud over the next few days.

Well, unless more excrement hits the ventilator.

But let's get to the swing.  Which is finished.

1L and mod / copy. Colour change canapy and cushions, me or us poses, couples poses.

Prims, you ask?


And it swings. Very gently. Very soothingly.


Ah. Forgot to take the other photo with different colours. Bad blogger.

Can you imagine a sort of soft pale aubergine please? Good. And white linen with grey stripes?

Thank you. Or you could, of course, go look. And click. And swing.

Here's the soft blue and green stripes. So you get the idea. Four pretty summer colours. Others on request.

So off you go. Swing. 1L. Here at Vent du Sud. Go get it.

Read the notecard too, please because since the swing actually swings (because they should, no?) the seat part is separate from the frame part (insert unintelligible stuff about hierarchised prims here). And the explanation about rezzing two parts in the notecard is far more coherent than this blog post, I promise.

Back to building and I am having such a good time throwing prims around again.

 Other credits: favourite summer dresser EVER, meaning the Summar Romance one from SALT. Espadrilles from Coco and newwwwwwww  mussed flowy messy hair from Truth (Pia).

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