Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Emergencies and zenitude, Rett does free, fall, and pumpkin lava

Why yes zenitude is a word. Sort of French-ish. But a lovely one, no?

Here, have a photo of the Vent du Sud autumn / fall stuff I started putting out: and yes a freebie is involved. See the trees? Pretty trees. 1L each of course but other stuff to tempt you as well, like the 20-prim cabins for 50L, and more besides. 

So first the emergencies because this is my blog and I can whine.

So there.

Quick another photo then you can scroll on, promise.

Being freelance, you'd think I was used to 'urgent' but sometimes clients spring something on me that I really don't see coming. Like translating a 29-page report on a new cancer medicine for (I quote) "yesterday would be good" while still battling through another 25 pages of pharmaceutical legalese.

That was on Friday evening. Bye bye weekend, bye by SL

Mr RL was dispatched to the kitchen. I may never eat a fish finger or a frozen pizza again.

He did, however, make pumpkin soup. Which acts like orange lava when it boils (just so you know).

Speaking of Halloween (which we weren't, but humour me, it's the pumpkins)...

I did actually promise Rett a cauldron in a weak moment to go with her 'sexy witch' outfit and haven't quite done it yet. I will try. And stick it out for free by her store if I do. I am nice like that. 

Only Rett could have a half-nekkid witch, eh?

Don't mind me, I'm just grumpy because on 31st I shall be stuck at the other end of the planet where Halloween is not on the menu. Nor, I suspect, pumpkin. And not, it is not for fun but for work.

(If I whine, I whine properly). 

However, she has actually put out a free witch hat (witches' hat? witch's hat as in singular?). Forgive me for my grammar is all tied up in parent compounds and response rates and stuff.

That is a seriously bad photo, but the hat is next to the outfit and the little black thing is the end of my feet (cropping? what cropping?). Sorry again, Rett, my photography is about in line with my grammar this lunchtime.

Where was I? Apart from whining?

Ah, the zen part.

Zen is being able to sneak in and spend the odd moment right here in Vent du Sud, surrounded by autumn colours.
(Yes the hammock is also 1L and also near all the other autumn type stuff right here)

Now want to make a pumpkin soup bowl but that will be after the leaf dispenser and a dozen other things in my "ongoing" file. And all that when I've finished 'Estimated survival rates'. Oh joy.

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Plasma Engineer said...

Any word with 'itude' added to it can come from the mouth of my (amazing) 17 yo daughter. It has been this way for a year or longer. Never mind. Cool dad's are still a possibility! (In my imagination!)