Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New house and 3-build offer, with digression on weathervanes and pension funds

Finally got the new house out at Vent du Sud on Sunday (see it in situ below) at which point Work With Capital W intervened.

However, it is sitting beside the bigger Mas (and the greenhouse), for 50L and at the link above. Total 39 prims, windows go opaque on click and hey... WEATHER VANE. Such a cute weather vane. 

Name? La maison du sud (southern-type house). So shoot me... I wasn't feeling inspired.

I mean would you feel inspired if you had this massive chunk of pension fund regulations to translate?

Thought so.

It's a very typical Proven├žal house, and the box includes the windowbox, the lavender and the sunflowers. And I think it's cute. 

There. Self-congfatulation moment.

In my enthusiasm, I also decided to make a special pack of both the new house and the Mas plus the greenhouse (which also includes the 1-prim bench on the photo below).

Lots of things, then, for 75L.  Here.

Not sure how long I'll leave the offer out (that big box looks messy), but I will put it on the Marketplace. Soon. When I have got this monster of a text off to the client.

I even made a composite photo of it all and got as far as advertising it on the Subscribo until the deadline for pension funds loomed closer.

Did you know that pension fund terminology includes the magic phrase 'premature withdrawals'?

Sorry to digress (again).

But believe me, you need a chuckle when you're trudging through that.

Next up is listing it on the Marketplace, but the Mas (50L) and the Greenhouse (10L, including all the accessories) are up there if you want, including lots more photos.

Just because, however, here is a BIG PHOTO of the Maison du Sud. Taken before I finished texturing the base (hell, I always forget something, but rest assured it is now done). Check out that weather vane!!

PS: the windowbox, sunflowers and lavender also available separately at 1L. Or rather two of them. One of them is free. To find out which, go look.

I shall be continuing with 'benefits purchased' and 'termination benefits' for now but I did find MOSS GREEN for the 52 weeks challenge.

PS: I'm just hiding this here in the unlikely event anybody has scrolled this far. Remember I offered 3 free houses to anyone who commented? Well, nobody did (cue violins). Plenty of people popped over and bought one, mind which is Very Nice Indeed. But the offer still stands - you can comment on this post and I will choose 3 (if I even get three people saying why they'd like one).




Gradite Questi said...

Hey - of course we read this far. The new house looks great. Xoxo. -G-

Anonymous said...

Your builds always make me want change my home and try a different look. I love these new builds and can't wait to fill them with wonderful things. You do wonderful work and you are always so wonderful to us! (your customers) I am continually telling people about your wonderful builds. Much love and kisses! Isabela Loring

mrkaen002 said...

nice pictures!what do you think about this?

beladona said...

the thing is? Your work is good and your prices are awesome, and you are careful with your prim counts, so everyone feels guilty getting freebies from you! I usually end up tipping the sim....

Anichka Savira said...

Aww, I'm sorry no one commented. I thought I deserved one because I liked it and so I bought it. Because it's already a steal and you're so generous with the cheap and free as it is. So thank you for my new houses to play with!

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

I just bought one too. They are such good value it seems mean to try to get one free ;-))


Thanks... really

And MrKaen, I am sure your garden sheds are really lovely but somehow I think shipping one to France could be a bit of a stretch ;)


Also, Anichka? I put one in your inventory and I suspect SL stole it *sigh*.

Next one, I will send a notecard, an IM, and a carrier pigeon.

Mind, I ordered 5 hair demos on the marketplace yesterday and guess what? Still waiting. Hmph.