Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Make a wish? Sit on a pumpkin? Delivery fail? This post reveals all

Wishing well - 3 prims, bucket - 2 prims (I added nice moving water to it).  1L each. Three colours.

One of the 6 things above is free at the New Stuff area (which one day will have a sign saying 'NEW') at Vent du Sud.

I also hauled out these from last year and bribed coaxed two of the gang to demonstrate - there are FOUR sits in all, swappable at will.

Not, you understand, that I kept clicking on swap until the others were dizzy.

Course not.

However, Rett (who is making a witch outfit) would like to point out that she knows she is missing a foot shaper but left off to pose for me.

Anyway, anybody who feels that really big pumpkins to seat four are an essential item for their Halloween decor, pop over and grab one for 1L on the Vent du Sud main square.

In other news, and because I am vain, I wanted new hair.

OK, OK, this may not be world-shattering but I am a known cheapskate something of a frugal shopper.

So, I ordered about a dozen demos from the Marketplace and  received... none.


By this time I needed to buy hair  (cheapskate yes, but vain yes). I did find a note I'd made to go and look at Tram hair and actually went and bought it.   Which actually involved looking for it. Because I am also lazy. The store won't let you click teleport (grrrr) and it was upstairs.

But it was worth it.

 Nope, not making it big big big because I have not yet learned enough to smooth out kinks in my jawline.

But I love it. I may be wearing it for the next dozen fashion-ish posts.

Having actually spent money on something other than tier and feeling slightly weak, I checked my marketplace to make sure I had had no failed transactions and could redeliver to clients.

And discovered all the demos were still in my cart.

Sorry, Marketplace; Not that deliveries ever fail or anything.

I do check mine daily and now and then I have to redeliver to people (some of whom are convinced it's my fault but hey... this is SL. I will spare you stories of outraged entitlement because I happened to be sleeping when somebody didn't get something).

That's it for today, and I'm off to make a living but the wishing wells and other new stuff? Soon to be moved to make way for more. I feel a 'shuffle stuff around' mood coming on.


Mairead Fitzgerald & Karra Babii said...

The reason your 0L items were still in your cart... is probably because there is ONE MORE window to click through (see button at bottom of the page where you THINK you are done lol). I think Marketplace decided to place an extra page of BUY item listings when anyone just purchases 0L items.


Yes probably. The amount of clicking on that thing is unbelievable, even to check your sales or deliveries.

Also, I am something of an airhead at times ;)