Friday, 7 October 2011

Facepalm moments and forgetfulness. Moss, 52 weeks of colour.

I needed to sit down and think.

You know, about important stuff like a snappy title and fabulous pictures for moss, world peace and existential... somethingorother.

But more than that, there was something I'd forgotten to do at Vent du Sud. But what?

Back to moss for a second.  And only a very short digression to the 1-prim, 1L bench (see credits)

I did find a top that worked, but I think I had to have been blind over the pea-green shoes. Which I should have cropped out really, or got out the HUD and turned them white.

Pretend they're white on this one. I needed to pace about a bit anyway.

Just imagine about ten paragraphs of stream of consciousness here, involving what shall I build next do I need new hair what shall I cook for dinner should I do marketplace listings no really RL deadline is looming...


My mind is a scary place.

But I still couldn't remember what I'd forgotten to do. Seriously, I should make a to-do list for SL but knowing me I'd forget where I put it.

Then I had one of those facepalm moments.

Brought on by somebody buying something (cue big grin, never fails).


Oooo lots of kerchunks including... this, for 25L.

Which I'd set for 25L instead of 50 a few colours ago. And forgotten to change it.

So I'll leave it out for 25L for a bit longer, OK? Two sizes, 20 prims, and I'm thinking of doing a market stall version for considerably fewer (if, that is, I remember).

Hair Exile, Monica (love it)
Top by PBI (sadly departed)
Necklace Zaara, Karmuka (stunning as always)
Bracelet Miel, Chum (it's a work of art)
Pants Coco ankle pants
Shoes HOC, Yay wedges (fabulous colours, but sorry about the pea green blunder)
Cabin Vent du Sud, 25L (until I remember to put it back to 50 but I have written it down)

Bench Vent du Sud, 1L, 1 prim, couples and singles anims. Amazing, of course.

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