Tuesday, 6 April 2010

But how do I get it up there?

This platform is up above Vent du Sud. I've used a rather rougher version of it as a 2-prim work platform for a couple of years, in fact. It has a rim so you don't fall off. Useful, if you're me. I fall off things (although with my AO, at least I do so gracefully now). 

Right now, one of them is housing the Vent du Sud tower (see link and pretty picture above).

Now, I think I have a sense of humour. So when a very pleasant lady decided not to buy the tower (which is going back from 500L to 950L tomorrow, btw), but wanted to buy the platform, I tidied it up a little and gave it to her, adding that I'd even put better grass on it, but as it's mod/copy she could even texture it in fluorescent, glowy pink if she liked *cough*.

Ah, she said, it's perfect to make my little house into a skybox and no, grass is fine but.. how the **** do I get it up there?

So wrote her some detailed instructions, plus added a little blue box to sit on (ok, sit IN*) for the, er, operation and details of how to unlink said blue box once it's in position. All in the notecard that I've now put inside the platform (which appears when you rezz it to make things even easier)**.
*(no, I am not going to fiddle with sit targets for a box that is going to be deleted unless you are a collector of sittable-on shiny blue 50 cm cubes, K?)
** (no, I have not included instructions for modifying the grass into fluorescent glowy pink. Grass is NICE. Or stone, or whatever you have handy).

For info, I've popped one into the sales box for the tower, so it now comes free with that (hint).

And here, says she with pride and digressing marketingly (is that a word? No? It should be), is the tower installed on another sim, just in case you would prefer it at ground level (nice big base to sink into the ground, and yes, another hint to go buy it).

If, however, you'd just like this simple sky platform with the 'how-to' (yep, that's me admiring the blue box...) ...then it's on sale (just click on the grass or the blue box to buy it), right here.

Now I need to go find some willing men with tuxedos to help me show off Rett's and Alain's gorgeous wedding dresses in it (find Rett's and Alain's shop - AC creations) on the square.

Because the tower is great for weddings. Or as a feature for all kinds of land, themed or otherwise. Check it out (here) before I put the price up...

...even if you don't want the platform. Heh.

Prims: 2
size: 40 x 40 sphere (ok on most 512s)
and again, FULL instructions.
Price? 20L. Yes, just 20L.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha it really worked so thanks and no I didn't recolor it. Looks fab with my little cottage!