Monday, 12 April 2010

Fashion blunder... so have a milk churn

So, I crawled out of bed at 7 on Saturday to take pictures for a blog post I want to do on wedding dresses by the gang, with shots taken in my tower to, y'know, attempt to promote both.

Took the photos, and (fortunately) sent them to Alain Papp of AC creations (he of the sumptuous costumes, remember? - see the photo for just one masterpiece with matching outfits. Check 'em out at the link).

"Nice" he said. "But you do realise you have mixed up my two gowns?"

Ah. Oooooops. Fail.

Back to the drawing board again, then. I admit I was in a hurry. I also strongly suspect that SL had refused to keep up with me clicking 'take off' and 'wear' rather rapidly. See, I don't exactly wear wedding dresses regularly.

Anyway, as I said, have a milk churn. Transfer version FREE in the Vent du Sud subscribo. Click for 3 different flowers. Pretty. 4 prims.

Mod/copy version in the store along with other spring goodness such as the bench below (also click to change flowers).  12 prims only, mod/copy.

Enjoy. And click the subscribo anyway even if you're not a milk churn fan: get news of our releases, regular offers and plenty of gifts.

And did you grab the dollarbie daffodil poofer yet? Just drop in at Vent du Sud and help yourself - near the olive trees - click on the rock and it's yours.

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