Wednesday, 21 April 2010

When hell froze over

I have to admit that when people ask me how I feel about getting married on SL, I tend to mutter under my breath, including phrases like 'hell' and 'freezes over'.

But at the same time, I also have to admit that I've been been to a few weddings and been incredibly touched.

So, when both Rett Gentil and Alain Papp sent me a couple of dresses to show off in the Tower, I just had to try them on (you can't see my trainers underneath - hail the amazing photography skills). Definitely a first (and probably last!).

The top two are by Alain (tp to his main store from the one on the Vent du Sud square, but first admire his absolutely breathtaking costumes), and the one below is by Rett, available at her roomy store by the main tp point.

As for the Vent du Sud Tower, it's a great place for holding your own ceremony: somewhere for your friends to gather, relax, or take photos of you against the sunset (and including copiable, one-prim brocade cushions for your guests!)

Come and visit it up in the sky over Vent du Sud: and still at the promotion price of just 500L instead of 995 (RL has been rather frantic and I wanted to do this blog before I put it up to the normal price). Full information available about it in English and French, right here:

But back to the dresses:
Both Alain and Rett are happy to help you fit the veil, the skirt, the train, or add custom details to make your gown yours. Contact Alain Papp or Rett Gentil and they'd be delighted to help you.

And after playing model and (very) amateur photographer, I got back into my jeans, and did, for a moment, wonder if hell ever will freeze over. The Tower's a great place for dreaming, too (or snuggling with the retractable curtain down... it's a perfect romantic hideaway amid softly flowing water, romantic greenery, soft lighting and elegant seating, all included).

Drop in and see the tower, check out our great fashion and decor, and if you see me on the Vent du Sud square, muttering and throwing prims around, say hi?

Because if you'd like to come take photos in your own wedding gear (out on the dock, or by one of our lighthouses, for instance) or even hold a small, quiet ceremony, we'd be delighted to offer you the run of the place to do so.

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