Friday, 23 April 2010

Let's keep it clean

I always know Menthal's been busy when he calls me over to 'test something'. Must say I didn't expect to end up on my knees this time. (And no, not like that).
Well, I suppose I have been known to mutter we should keep Vent du Sud clean...

So there we were, him attacking the Y-fronts and me scrubbing away at the pantaloons, with bubbles flying everywhere.

Great gadget, though, and perfect for lots of themes. And if you ask Menthal Oh nicely, I'm quite sure he'd be happy to make a custom version for any store or sim (why do I think he'd LOVE to add a set of silks or a tiny bikini to one, much as I love the pantaloons)

Right now, though, get both male and female versions (7 prims each, gives you the foaming brush) out on the square at Vent du Sud, for just 190L for the two. )

Also, they are mod and transfer, meaning you can give them to any potential, er, scrubbers you like.

Drop in and see them right near the tp point.

Vent du Sud: possibly the only sim where you run the risk of housemaid's knee!

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