Tuesday, 15 June 2010

BBBC: in search of the good

Hmmm of all days to find three good things about SL (the Big Bad Blogger challenge again).

Not been a very good few days in SL but let's try.

But can I get the whining over with first, please? Stuff like zero sales (maybe my entire clientele is glued to the flippin' World Cup?), frustration with a build (I'll try another zilllion textures later to see if it helps) and generally moping around instead of redoing my stores as planned.

Ah. Better now. Have a dollarbie. Well no, have a special offer. Or both.

Stool here, half price. Four poses, four colours. 50L. Copiable, btw. From the new Smoothie line. Go click to see it in action at least.


Pretty pottery dollarbie lamp see below. Goes with the whole set you're going to buy, hm?

OK deep breath.

Good things. Clichés, 1 & 2, I know, but

1. Friends. Amazing people I can 'feel' behind the avatar. Real friends, who encourage me to build or explore rather than mope and slide into too much gloomy self-analysis.  Not that a little reflection isn't good - of course it is - but nobody loves a whiner. Well, not after days, weeks of it. Note to self: stop whining.

2. Building and exploring. I'm a slow, finicky builder but I like it that way. I throw a lot away. I love to see what other people are building too, even if it often makes me heave a deep sigh and wonder why I bother.

Mind, at times I have extremely evil moments of self-congratulation when I know my stuff is better crafted than some (remind me never to rush off to any more Midnight Mania calls for home decor: maybe I pick the wrong ones but just ..... ewwwww).

Maybe they sell poorly-textured red and black sex cushions / rugs / anything with freebie poses (badly-adjusted to boot), though.

Ooops. Getting grumpy again. Not to mention just a teensy bit jealous. Say to yourself, Ari, it is not about selling. And no, it isn't. Not really. Just sometimes.

3. More personal. SL is a home from home. I travel a lot for work, and tend to crawl back to hotel rooms feeling steamrollered. Not always countries where I can wander around and do touristy things or get a decent meal, either.

Fortunately, though, it's rare that I can't get online. And it's just lovely to have that 'point of reference'. Usually somewhere on Vent du Sud: by the sea, or with friends on the square.

And with that, I'm off (not to make crappily-textured sex cushions, no) but to start planning some celebrations. It was a year ago on Sunday that I planted a single tree in the middle of Vent du Sud, and if that isn't a good reason to get on with a (rather belated) event of sorts, I don't know what is.

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