Thursday, 17 June 2010

Love and ivory towers.

See that avatar waddling away as fast as her pixel legs will carry her (waddling because as usual, she forgot to turn the AO back on because it messes with the Intan)?

Yep, that would be me escaping from the whole topic of 'Love on SL' (or even 'Romance on SL').

BBBC or not.  Just not going there.

But never one to escape a challenge, let me just say I'm ridiculously happy and mother-hennish about friends who have found the good side of it all. And hugely sympathetic with some who have got their fingers (badly) burned.

Building, now, that really is a love affair. And  in a romantic frame of mind...

Tower, anyone? It's up above Vent du Sud. Here. 

Silly offer, though. I'm putting five of them (worth 995L) on sale for just 200L.
Comes with a sky platform. Full instructions for rezzing.


(EDIT AGAIN: one more series of five out, and three left there but this is the last).
Also - If you want to give one as a gift, let me know (Ariadne Korda) and I'll transfer it to anyone you like.

How to get one? No hunting, no searching. They're up in the top room of the tower. Enjoy!

PS: set to 'original' so don't forget to TAKE your box!

PPS: tomorrow I'll be putting out more special boxes for another offer, and will try to take more time zones into consideration

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