Friday, 18 June 2010

I'm gorgeous (and read on for today'sVent du Sud anniversary offer)

So, the 4th Big Bad Blogger challenge is 'does your avatar reflect your RL age'. Easy, this one.


In RL I'm *cough* older. I don't hide that to my friends but I have WAY too much fun dressing up and wearing stuff that makes me feel good to get an older av. Sure, I understand people who do, and respect them, but no thanks. Part of the fun of SL is slogging over a hot PC in scruffy shorts and tee in RL and taking a break to shop or dress up.

See the lighthouse? This is a hint about the offer. Read on...

But this, believe me, is far more pleasing to the eye than the RL me in shorts. Jacket and hair from, pants from Kunglers, tee from Coco, pendant free group gift from Burroughs (it's gorgeous and a zillion colour options). And although I'm not a proper fashion blogger, I did put in the slurls. Go me.

ANYway, the challenge seems to have also turned into... the Vent du Sud Anniversary week. Yep, a whole year and a whole lot of fun in my little corner of SL.

RL has been so hectic I have a TON of stuff ready to put out (or finish off), and I'm about to redo my entire stores if my clients would just go on vacation or something. So much for great plans to do lots of events, etc.

(Yes, yes, I  know. RL income is good. But so is having a little playtime).

As it is, though, I'm continuing the specials I started with the Tower yesterday, and today it's your chance to get the big luxury lighthouse (23 prims, retractable ladders, etc.) for just 200L instead of 499.

Again, 5 of them now, another 5 later today. Find them inside the big lighthouse, and don't forget to click on 'TAKE'.

In the distance is the offsim model, which is a bargain at only 299L normally BUT today it's just 199L. No limited numbers. I'm generous as well as gorgeous ;) Find it here.

PS: Want to give one as a gift? Send me an IM (Ariadne Korda).

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