Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sale, newness, real estate blues. Oh, and SALE.

OK, so nobody wants to buy my mainland plot by the sea. I can understand it. Really I can. (Liar).

(See the post before this one for my utterly amazing, totally fruitless sales spiel).

So... (adopts wheedling tone) you could also RENT it.  Rent negotiable-ish - but 388 prims left to play with even after the house and cabin and stuff. Or you can have it empty. Contact Ariadne Korda (that would be moi).

Or I can sell it to the damned bots  (weeps).

(Did I say 'gorgeous views'?. I expect I did).

Or I can make it into a store. Which I might. Or not.

See, I am busy doing a big revamp at Vent du Sud. As in lots and LOTS of new things. Summery things. This includes grabbing unsuspecting friends to adjust poses in return for new furniture (yep, blackmail. Works a treat). But no, in fact I lie again. I have great friends, who tolerate having their avatar's position endlessly tweaked.

(I should have taken photos of this. I know. Bad blogger). It's the new bed next, Albion. Why are you running away? It's not one of THOSE beds. Really.

But before this weekend, when I intend to move lots of things around, I am having a sale.

Or should that be A SALE.  Dare I make that font bigger?

Hell yes. I'd do flashing lights and changing colours if I could.


In the midst of making stuff and packing it, however, I am not going to make amazing signs that give the original price and the new price. So there.

Some stuff will be retired (because I don't have enough prims, dammit). Some won't. Not sure what yet.

So basically it's a case of all the flowerboxes (main store, tp here) at around 50% off (example here). Meaning between 50L and 100L.

And the living room set at less than half price: texture change for the wood and the cushions. Example: multi-pose couch for 100L, chair 60L, table / shelf 30L. Right here.

And ALL the lights at 20L (because I forgot to change them back from the last offer. Go me).

So, hop over. You may see me tweaking some of the new stuff (I'm a compulsive tweaker).

Say hi, and I give stuff away. Really.

Oh, and last but not least... here's a taste of (and link to) some of my new stuff. LOTS of poses for couples, friends,  or just tired builders. This metallic version is hidden in the big lighthouse near the pool. But it's 25L instead of 100 until I get some stuff tidied up. There's a dollarbie outside the door too but I've rambled enough.

OK, off to shift prims... RL work.

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