Monday, 14 June 2010

Other people's words - BBBC and stuff

Thanks to Alicia Chenaux and the Big Bad Blogger Challenge...

... because I tend to need prodding to get on with things in SL.

The 'ongoing' section of my inventory is getting out of control (I get distracted easily in SL, probably because that's hard in RL, where I fight deadlines all the time). So much fun with friends, so many Barbie moments, dancing, prims to play with.

Did I say Barbie? Yup. Goodies from the sale, plus a little judicious tinting. There is a reason why I buy pale colours on mod clothing. Tinting is your friend. And I match my couch. Heh.

Ah yes, the topic. "Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?"

In RL, I line up words for a living, but other people's words. I write reports, edit, and translate. Very dry stuff. Very concise, factual. So it's rather nice to be let loose with a few of my own.

I had a Live Journal for a long time, and wrote rather bizarre things as a hobby. But it got to the point where life was just "too many words". Sooooooooo, in January 2007, I found SL. And stayed.

Mind, the temptation to write about SL was huge. I thought about all rambling on about all kinds of Deep Psychological Thoughts about it but soon ditched that idea: part of what I LOVE about SL is making stuff.

Without deadlines.

Selling a little, however, means helping with tier. Mr RL doesn't get SL and is rather caustic about me putting 'real money into something virtual'. He likes power tools and I'm not quite sure why we need 2 hedge-trimmers and various sorts of sanders but hey. One day I'm sure he'll cut the hedge. Maybe.

So, on the odd occasion I get something finished, it's fun to take photos of it, and ramble on about it. Sometimes I even get the WHOLE item in the photo too. Or *cough* don't cut my own feet off.

Now and then, somebody buys stuff. But mostly, it's just fun when somebody pops into Vent du Sud and says 'I came from your blog'.

If you do pop in, please say hi if I'm there (if I'm sitting on a bit of my furniture, I'm probably just lurking but my menu bar will flash). I'll be lining up words in RL - but one of the joys of freelancing is hopping into SL for a few minutes during the day and fiddling with whatever I'm making, or a quick coffee break chat.

And finally.... I did finish this (plus, in fact, a whole lot of newness that I shall bore people with endlessly). Called (oh how original) "Summertime" because it's all blue and yellow and white and summery. Navy, white, pale blue, yellow. Just click. Forgot to take photos of navy and white. Go me.

It's still out on the patio by the pool, because I need to move a whole lot of stuff around and - er - have an RL deadline. Come see, though? Right by the main square

But if you like it, come click on the colours and poses. Admire the low-primminess. You can even buy it. In sections or all of it. Must go put up the sign that says 'click on cushions to change fabrics and back to change poses'. But... deadline. Go click and I'll be here...

... lining up other people's words :)

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