Thursday, 5 August 2010

Broken arms, blogged, and beautifully shabby chic

No, not me. My cleaning lady broke her arm and will be off for 5 weeks (yes, I'm a spoiled person who has 3 hours a week's worth of somebody else doing my housework, and it's wonderful).

So I'm all behind in SL after a binge with mop and dusters, plus a pesky work deadline too so will attempt to be short. And yes, I do mean a binge. I (ssshhhh) actually like cleaning so it was rather more than 3 hours.

I did manage to set up my display space so kindly offered by Jennaa and the House and Garden group, though, and am delighted to see so many people picked up the lavender and sunflowers, plus the Blueberry special cushion set-with-zillion-poses. The cushions are still there, btw. but inside now.

There will be another special deal and prize coming soon, both there and at Vent du Sud but for the time being, there's this (also available at both locations):

Inspired by the absolute cuteness of the store at Blueberry, it's a 'shabby chic' version of the CURVE IT (plus me in Zaara, oooo look  rather fetchingly matching the cushions). Soft, pastel-y colours, worn wood.

So please use your imagination and imagine this with up to 5 people, or snuggling up in one of 3 great couples poses. Just 9 prims and just 100L instead of 199L until I finish this wretched deadline sitting on my desk. ETA around two days, so don't wait too long!

Being curved (no, really?) it's great for space-saving in a corner, or put out a couple around a campfire (it's copiable). Or a pool (see the one by the pool at Vent du Sud, precisely HERE, plus a more nautical-type one. And a soft, neutral one at the Art Café across the square - DO check out the expo btw... it's gorgeous).

I'm off to do battle  with theText From Hell (it's 8 am here) and hoping to finish two custom orders and get set up with the prize... thing I've planned before the weekend, but it's going to take some time to set up. And my windows look a bit grubby.

But do wander over to Vent du Sud, hit the subscribo, and I'll get there. And you'll know about it.

Last but not least, one of the lovely bloggers I met through not being in a Certain Hunt blogged me yesterday. BLOGGED ME. I was stunned. It's also a great fashion blog, so check it out right here: this lady has a superb eye for great fashion (and of course excellent taste in decor).

(And yes, this is short. I line up words for a living, so help me)

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