Saturday, 7 August 2010

So happy I could jump off a cliff

... and in fact I did.

And why yes, that's a terrible photo but if you look hard enough, I'm over to the right, mid-air.

So, it was time for a few changes at Vent du Sud. And by changes, I mean a little work on the 'non-commercial aspect'. That, to me, is just as important as having my stuff out to sell.

So... cliffs! You can dive off them (four dives... just click on the little pizza-slice thing up on the rocks, and it changes colour for each). It lets you swim after too, so feel free to do just that. I zoomed all the way around the island last night (and even added an opening bridge near the bigger lighthouse so you don't have to get out of the water - just click).

There's also a pool right beside, with a couple of gently floating air mattressses. Older stuff of mine but several poses: help yourself if you like (10L - one is copy, one is transfer. More glamorous ones coming soonish).  But really, again, this isn't about buying anything, it's about just enjoying a few moments' peace, or taking photos, or watching the FABULOUS sunsets over the rocks.

Where? Behind the Vent du Sud Art CafĂ©, by the smaller lighthouse on the island. 

So if you feel like a dip, please be our guest. The water's lovely.  If I get a minute I could add a couple of nice pose sets too, hm? The Intan dance balls reach there, however, so try a slow by the water... :)

Yes, mellowness. I'm ridiculously happy these days, both SL and RL, and fully intend to share a little by some more gifts and offers for people who read my blog and /or are on my subscribo - if my clients would FINALLY take themselves off on holiday and leave me some (relative) peace.
I'll get there.

In the meantime, enjoy the water... and watch this space :)
(I also need new bikinis: This one is from Nicky Ree and is cute, but I think from 2007:
good tips, anyone?) 

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