Tuesday, 10 August 2010

When the dogs bark, when the bees sting...

... or was it when the dogs bite?

Never mind. Just imagine me in Julie Andrews mode. Or something.  Raindrops and roses, etc. etc.

But these are a few of my favourite things, or at least in the 'small and pretty' category of what I make.

Those little touches that I love to add to builds, all three. It makes a place look like home.  
The bathtub planter has click-to change plants, and the fire pillar and basket turn on and off. They're usually a pretty reasonable 100L (OK 99L) each. But I've popped them a copiable version of them in a single WHITE box right beside the subscribo at Vent du Sud for just 100L for a couple of days (and also at my display space at Blueberry, here).

But wouldn't they also make nice gifts? (Yes. Really. They would).

So there is also a RED box containing a transfer version. Same price but you can either send the entire pack to a friend or send them separately.

And as I'm still swamped with RL work, here's a favourite outfit for hot sticky days like today to cheer myself up (in RL, shorts and a tee and hair doing frizzy mess rather than elegantly messy):

This was a group gift from MNK, but it's still there in lots of other summer colours. And the bows are just cuteness. Wish I could go hole up under my own olive tree in RL but back to work, so I'll just loiter under the one at Vent du Sud!

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Journey Lorakeet said...

Up under your arms in paperwork but, you always manage to look great doing it. lol