Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sometimes you need sunflowers (even virtual ones)

What a week. Seriously. You don't want to know. Whining is not good. So I won't.

But were good things too.

I live in southern France in RL (already good) and yesterday I was out in picture-book surroundings, including lavender and field upon field of sunflowers - which I love.  AND I found a milk churn at a flea market!

So here's a milk churn with sunflowers and some lavender.

Free. Right by the subscribo, here at Vent du Sud.  Even copiable.

If you sign up to the subscribo, you'll get news of a VERY special, er, "not-hunt" offer this week which will not only mean a great offer but a couple of lucky people are - I hope - going to win a BIG prize.

And still in sunflower and lavender mood, I wore this: it's the loveliest, swishiest summery dress that is perfect for dancing on hot summer evenings. It's from A la Folie, and comes with shoes and a sculpt bustier that I'm not wearing - it's also nice without. Name - "Ciel et Terre" - earth and sky. The fabric is just... yum.

Look.  Swish.

Come and dance any time at Vent du Sud, btw. A peaceful, summery bit of France, with Intan for couples and a dance floor... and sunflowers. Of course.

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