Saturday, 12 February 2011

52 weeks of colour, black (late, frugal version) and Vent du Sud in print

Got back from the UK late Thursday, leave for Africa tomorrow for a week.

No, it is not glamorous. Seriously, the next person who says 'you are so lucky' should try it: cattle class seats, security check nightmares, seeing nothing but airports, hotels and offices. But it pays the bills.

So, er, yes. Point made. And the point HERE... is...


... me being frivolous in black and getting teased by the Vent du Sud gang as I rushed around to get the shots.

I need frivolous (particularly since I have to drag out the 'serious me' clothes again this afternoon). 
What no Vent du Sud plug? Well sure... still sitting on a massive pile of new decor to be photographed and finished, but black and frilly and platinum were the easy way out.

Great magazine though, go  look!

Going to get the iron out now (so, so glamorous, yep).

Credits: ALB Dream Fashion former freebie, without the skirt *cough*, but a sample of the great stuff you can find there. Former hair freebie from Maitreya. Yep, frugal. But fun.

Now, can I fit in 'red' before I go, while muttering that I shall spend 14 February in a plane?


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