Monday, 21 February 2011

Open letter to a vigilante

Dear person who sent me this note (see below) after visiting Vent du Sud... you have made me so damned upset and angry after just getting back from a netless week in *** Africa... I could strangle you.

Once I have stopped using Kleenex and wondering why the hell I bother trying to make stuff accessible, that is.

"You L$1 beds (and other items) are filled with fullperm animations (mod/copy/trans)
I doubt that the animators you (hopefully) bought those from with a licence are very happy about that.
You are giving away their work for free and spreading it around the grid this way.
Any person can rip them out and use them in their own creations.
They have been noticed about it and given a landmark to your store.


You are 190 days old, purchased NOTHING... and you are not even right.

I have just frantically checked EVERY item I sell (not give away because my policy is to sell decor for 1L) to see if they have the right permissions.

And they *all* do... except one mod/copy bed (which is now fixed). So yes, good to have a heads-up and bad me for missing it.


It would have been nice not to jump to conclusions and start sending notes and accusing (just loved that snarky little "hopefully").  

Every last animation I use is either paid for or, more rarely, a full-perm freebie. And the creators - if they keep their logs long enough - will be able to see that.

My reply?

Thank you for the note

And yes, indeed I have paid for ALL the animations as the creators will no doubt be able to confirm. So no worries there.

In fact, there is one bed where I did not apply mod copy only to the animations so I do appreciate the heads up. All my other items have mod copy animations ONLY... unless they are full perm, free animations such as those by XXXX (check them out on the marketplace). I use those in my XXX line and as they are FREE then I see no issue if they remain full perm.

(note by me, but in fact no, they all have only mod copy perms on the anims)

I am not GIVING these away but in fact selling decor for 1L, but I am grateful for the heads up about the one bed. Thank you. 

So, Ms Vigilante, hope you are feeling pleased with yourself.

Right now, I am tempted to close Vent du Sud (but I hope it will pass). 


gilliangalicia said...

Aw, don't close your lovely shop. It's so unfortunate that we can get many wonderful comments in our daily (second) lives, yet it's the one crappy one that upsets us and sticks with us. Hang in there!

Emerald Wynn said...

We seem to have reached a point in SL where it's such a damn thrill to catch a copybotter that it's resulting in too many unjust accusations by idiots foaming at the mouth on a gleeful witch hunt. Salem Life.

That note reads like a fifth-grader wrote it. Don't let one illiterate jerk get you down. The lack of intelligence and basic human kindness kills me - that note could have been written so much differently if the person really were concerned about the issue.

What you really got was a note from a bored, pathetic person looking for a reason to lash out at someone. You handled it with class.

I know how you feel, though. When you get a note like that one, it takes a while to get rid of the nasty aftertaste. *hugs*

Chalice Carling said...

Hugs of support coming your way. That person is a nasty idiot and once the anger subsides, just remember what a great job you're doing. Particularly for residents in SL who don't have lots of Linden's to spend. Keep up the good work.

Ygrey Auer said...

Ariadne, ma chére, laissez tomber. Courage et ne vous énervez pas à cause de quelqu'un qui a trop de temps libre.
J'aime beacoup votre travail!

Ocean Wade said...

Ariadne -- I'm guessing that was written by someone jealous of your talent and beautiful creations, looking for someone to blame because *their* stuff doesn't sell. I hope you're over your initial upset, 'cause I've been to Vent du Sud and it's beautiful. You make lovely, lovely things, and SL shouldn't be deprived of them because of one miserable envious meanie.


A huge, huge thanks for the support.

I contacted the maker of the one bed where the perms where wrong to apologise, and suggested he check his records. He found my purchase of the two anims in there (dated 2008) and was really pleasant about it.

Ms Vigilante? I sent her a copy.

But yes, Salem Life is how it feels.

Ygrey, merci de tout coeur et je me suis calmé... mais parfois c'est un cas de la goutte qui déborde.

Anonymous said...

Some people live to be a pain, some to create beautiful and affordable things which make others happy. You're one of the latter and as such are above petty, jealous snarking creatures. Just keep reminding yourself that your gorgeous creations are making a lot of homes homelier and a lot of avatars bounce with delight.

And I'm sorry about the anonymity, but I don't have an account. I'm Pearl Admiral in SL. :)