Friday, 4 February 2011

Perplexed of Provence (and 52 weeks of colour, Emerald)

No, the post has nothing to do with the pictures, but I really AM perplexed.

Like many bloggers, I do look at my stats. And like any blogger, I am intrigued to see where most visitors come from.

And, well, maybe I shouldn't have done that lingerie post. Or the school uniform post.

Because I am getting a relatively HUGE amount of hits from...

... what could best be described as an 'adult meeting site' in a Big Town Near Me.

So here is a little hint to my faithful readers...

Yes, I am female. But no, I do not look like my avatar. And I am not looking for 'adult meetings'.

(Oh, and I rarely wear evening gowns, my schoolgirl days are long over and my lingerie is... well, we won't go into that. My business). 

Credits. Romantica evening gown from Adam N Eve, which was gold and a freebie, and being broke frugal, I tinted it. It is VERY nicely done, not sure if still available. And the necklace from Alchemy Immortalis, which is also stunning (as is the sim).
This setting however, is (of course) Vent du Sud, with its remarkable 1L decor and 50L builds.

So bye for now, faithful readers -  and for those using that meeting site, good luck?

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