Sunday, 27 February 2011

52 Weeks of colour, teal. And SPRING

Slowly, slowly catching up after travels and tribulations. And best of all, yesterday felt like spring.

The warmer weather also led me to haul out THIS, which I made last year. Click to get different types of spring flower in each pot (meaning lots of combinations).

Go splurge ONE WHOLE LINDEN for it here at Vent du Sud, near the subscribo?

And if you DO mosey on over there, and are not signed up, then please do so because a couple of spring flowers will be popped in there within a day or two.

But back to teal. I love the soft, muted teals as much as I dislike bright turquoise (and bright lime is going to be a challenge!).
The sweater from Fishy Strawberry was perfect, then, and those boots from J's match it perfectly. Tinted white socks from Ducknipple and pants from Coco.

OK, going to use my energy and freedom to get going with all the promised newness at Vent du Sud (and look for something in lime).

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Anonymous said...

I have a dream ... to meet such a Lady. Really nice colours !