Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Chaos, etc.

What I wanted to do on SL this month (OK now last month) was to redo the Vent du Sud main store, finish a whole line of new stuff, and dance a little.

RL turned out otherwise so I have been on and off planes (and not for a vacation).

I did, however, get these out... easy to find in the (not redone) main store.

9 prims, TRANSFER... and 1L

Yes, OK, it's a little early but I have to get on a few more planes over the next couple of weeks. In fact, on 14 February I shall in fact be flying from France to an obscure part of Africa for a few days.

10 prims, TRANSFER, and 1L

 Transfer, for a change so you can give them to somebody (no really?).

Do drop by, and remember that all Vent du Sud decor is at 1L.


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