Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fly me to the moon? Patriarch and shifting furniture (52 weeks of color)

I needed a break from moving stuff around in Vent du Sud, so I rummaged around in my inventory a bit, having vague memories of some of my BareRose stuff coming in a nice patriarch-y purple.

And HEY PRESTO - there it was. Fly Me To the Moon.

So I went around being dramatic and diva-like, humming away "Fly me to the mooooooooooooon, let me swing among those staaaaaaars"...

Lots of fun.

I'd just got to this one... (a roof seemed like a good place to stand, at the time)

... when a friend rolled up.

"Ari what on earth are you doing up there? And what are you doing dressed up like that? And I thought you were sorting out your sim?"
Clearly, I don't do silly often enough. And I never wear evening dresses to build, I admit. Well, usually. Just call me staid.

But I did (reluctantly) give up the idea of being SL's next cabaret sensation and got back to moving stuff around.


So do drop into Vent du Sud - I'm basically moving a few things and retiring others, and making room for some new stuff. 

Meaning that it could be time to grab a few Vent du Sud 1L decor items while you can?

And no, I won't sing to you. And I will probably be in jeans.

BareRose "Fly me to the moon" (comes in 4 colours, sculpt top)
Cinch belt, part of romper suit
Hair, Afterglow by Cake
Location, VENT DU SUD!

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