Saturday, 2 July 2011

Mauve and too rambly for a snappy title.

I finally put a few things out at Vent du Sud: just a few basketweave things with lots to click on (mauve being one of the four colours of the lining). One of these is free and the others? ONE linden as usual.  
Find them outside one of the summer cabins, right here. 

And... *cough* they include a pet cushion thing. My SL cat has gone AWOL so just imagine it there? 

And speaking of mauve, or purple in any shade, Mr RL hates it. Loathes it. 

 My RL wardrobe now contains no mauve, but in SL, it sure does (credits later).

In fact, I got quite carried away with the whole 'mauve' thing and among some rather dodgy 52 weeks of colour attempts, took this as well... with a little help from Windlight, but I like it, so you get to see it.

Sorry. But Vent du Sud in mauve. Heh.

Now, if I wasn't about to start packing again (on Monday for a Very Long Way Away but only for 2.5 days of work... but thanks to endless flights nearly a week in all), I would ramble about lots of other things.

What I must slide in, though, is  another not-very-good photo - but see that fabulous shade of mauve in the Enkythings shoes? I would love a pair in RL. 

Mr RL would, however, throw a hissy fit.

I also need to ramble more about textures, and start on a massive to-do list for SL but, with luck, this is my last work trip until mid-September. 

So one last mauve photo (damn I wish I could do SL stuff on planes) and fingers crossed I get a Net connection - I do actually miss Vent du Sud when I'm hauling my ass to weird bits of the planet. 

Dress Mrinali, Zaara
Shoes Talyna by Enkythings (available at Vent du Sud)
Hair Melody by Elikatira
Bracelet by Muse (I think the store closed)
And... (as a teaser for a coming post), most of the basket and lining textures by Insight designs, which are always superb and my absolute favourite for quality.

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