Saturday, 23 July 2011

In praise of antibiotics, breedable shellfish, and the Marketplace

So where was I?

Ah yes, whining about a long trip and a sprained ankle.

Better skip the gruesome details of ear and chest infection then (Mr RL and me). Which has not been funny, let's leave it at that.

Meaning that building attempts have been a little like this.

And 52 weeks of colour? A little like this

(spot the trainers and denim).

I did celadon for the 52 weeks of colour. But what I called it or where I filed it, I have no idea. Probably under 'snapshot' in my 2007 archives.

Worryingly, I have also been translating (slowly, amid whimpering) narcotics legislation all week. And rather wishing I had some handy because antibiotics and my insides have never been the best of friends (and you can't drink). Proofreading Monday. I fear the worst.

BUT... I finally dragged myself up by the scruff of my neck this morning (while thanking the Tylenol gods) and got some more builds on the marketplace, including the summer cabins (wow look link to the Marketplace).

So now you can shower your friends with gifts such as farmhouses and lighthouses and CABINS, all for 50L (and come check them out at Vent du Sud first).

You know, I felt so crappy I nearly went a bought a Meeroo. But I'd probably have starved it or lost it or bored it to death with my whining. Or renamed it, forgot the name, and filed it under 'miscellaneous' (now there's a scary place).

Next week, however, is back to building and being dynamic. Really.

And please remind me I can't afford have a Meeroo anyway. I have half a dozen sets of textures I want first, and by the time I've got those, people will have moved on to breedable ... whatever nobody's thought of yet. Shellfish? Complete with pearls? (Remember you heard this here first).

(PS: I am not fishing for sympathy. There are far worse things than ear infections (for instance man with ear infection). And I am so looking forward to finishing these pills tonight and hauling out the wine tomorrow).

(PPS OK maybe I am fishing for sympathy a bit).

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