Wednesday, 27 July 2011

One thing at a time, and in which Ari nearly goes shopping

I had to start somewhere after doing so little in SL for so long.

The temptation, of course, was to go on a shopping spree for new clothes and hair and shoes and skin and jewellery and poses....

... (and I am so behind on the 52 weeks of colour but I'll get there too).

But first, I told myself sternly, it was time to tidy up / improve some of the sim builds because by popular request  (don't exaggerate, Ari) somebody asked for them. And they badly needed tweaking.

So I retextured, tidied up and (I think) improved them. 

First up is the revamped MEDITERRANEAN PATIO which I am fond of - perhaps because this July in the south of France is turning out to be like a particularly drizzly April.

I use it as part of the mainstore layout, but it is particularly good as a lovely, roomy outdoor space (hey, maybe you need the Mas du Soleil, my French farmhouse too?), with lots of pots of flowers, seating, lighting.

So I threw some of those in (Vent du Sud is like that).

So you get the patio (15 prims), the seating (20), the gas lamp (1) and the planter (5), all mod / copy  and all for JUST 50L.
Buy it at the sim or on the Marketplace
Add your own dances, a barbecue, an outside eating area... and you're all set for those warm Mediterranean evenings. Whatever they may be (excuse me while I stare outside and frown).

So, it was nearly time to get shopping. But  the Marketplace was having a Bad Photo day so a little coaxing was necessary. .

Maybe tomorrow?

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