Monday, 11 July 2011

Ode to ice packs, travel, chili and security checks)

It took 30 hours and limping through 4 airports to get home from a Very Long Way Away, and all that for 2.5 days of work. I lost count of the security checks. Ugh. 

See, I sprained my ankle on the way OUT there, meaning it's been both a painful and net-deprived few days. (Note to self - look at ground when hopping on airport buses).

So this morning, with a confuzzled body clock and glorious technicolour left foot, I have been gazing at landscapes both virtual and real and...

I am so glad to be home.

Once I feel halfway human, I am looking forward to diving back into Vent du Sud and making stuff again (next long-haul trip is end October - phew). And catching up with 52 weeks of colour posts.

This post, however, is a brief RL - SL sort of post to say:
- My cats wish to express their thoughts on their staff going away
- I am still alive (although kicking could be painful)
- Ice packs are wonderful things.
- I could get used to copious amounts of rum (it mixes beautifully with painkillers, to the point I sailed through the jet lag that end)
- Go buy Enkythings amazing Talyna shoes at Vent du Sud (quick plug but ouchhhh the very THOUGHT of heels right now...)

 - Oh, and great chili place at Miami airport but, um, CHILI followed by long plane journey...? (I had salad). 

... and all things considered, I prefer both RL and SL France to hot tropical places that require endless treks through airports.

So see you soon at Vent du Sud.

(Where you don't even need a security check to discover the place).


Emerald Wynn said...

Awww- KITTIES! I bet they're so happy to see you! Mine were so happy when I recently got back from Iowa.

So sorry about your ankle.

Welcome home!

Gradite Questi said...

Welcome back Girl! Happy cats-love the road weary shoes!!
Btw: what were u thinking? Chili's before a trans Atlantic flight??? You are hard-core. Xoxo to everyone