Friday, 29 July 2011

Poses and prickle, and in which Ari confesses to being converted.

Poses... are one of my weak points in SL. It took me what, two years to get beyond a freebie sexy walk and buy a decent AO.

My early blog posts (no, no, don't look) bear ample witness to this.

The photography was crap too but then I discovered (gosh wow) you could process SL photos.

(Yes, I can be slow at times).

Thanks to a little help from friends, however (and reluctantly - being frugal) buying some poses, I am converted. And here comes PRICKLE!

See, when Darkley wondered aloud if it was worth trying to sell hers, I looked at her posters and dragged her screaming to Vent du Sud.

(No, she didn't scream much, I am exaggerating).

But, I mean LOOK. Aren't these fun? And different (and the ones below are FREE).

Different is good. And Darkley is working on MORE.

So come check them out at PRICKLE.

And looks like a few walls will need to be moved soon at Vent du Sud to accommodate more.

*Wanders off happily debating when and where the knuckledusters included in the boxing set could come in handy*


Darkley Aeon said...

Thank you Ari, you have been so kind :)

Momo said...

Hi Ari :)

The SLURL maybe sis wrong, Ari. I tp'ed under a house... LOL...


ARGHHHHHHHH off to fix it LOL, and thank you Momo

Plasma Engineer said...

You really ought to give up the smoking poses. :) x