Thursday, 15 July 2010

C'est fini ... the Vent du Sud major revamp

Peer at the photo of my newly-done Vent du Sud mainstore, and there is a person sitting on the couch near the middle. It's me, wondering what on earth I've fogotten to do (there's sure to be something).

Because, after work travel and work in general and not even finishing the blogger challenge, I had one of those things called a "quiet period". Rare, for me, but hey: if you freelance you take work when it's there. Not complaining. Well, not much.

It lasted three days (gee thanks, clients...), but I finally got all the new stuff out and redid a lot of Vent du Sud. The pétanque has moved (see the sign) and we have a GREAT new 'Art Café' (which I need to fit out, but R0bin's photos are in and... wow). More on that later.

Lots of new stuff, though. Meaning packing it, making new signs, putting it in place, remembering to put LMs in, notecards in, testing it Yet Again. Finding a rogue script, fixing it thanks to a lovely person in the nPose group (thanks, Howard...!), and - because this is me - dropping a poster texture onto the main square (yes, yes, lock it, Ari).

Here's some more newness (and NOW I remember what I didn't do.. the cute little patio (also perfect as a store) is on sale too but forgot the poster for that).Until I do, though, just click on it and grab it quick (100L instead of 199L, 16 prims, mod-copy. And... yep, cute - as is the brand new tree haven behind... go see).

So here's an invitation:

Please drop in and have a look around. Swim off the dock or in the pool, relax in the summery Provence sestting. And HIT THE VENT DU SUD SUBSCRIBO if you haven't, or get your friends to do so.

Why? Great offers to come. And gifts. And Rett's working on some great new fashion too!

There are some dollarbies around already, but there will be more specials. LOTs more specials.(OK so I'm pleased with myself. Going now to put my feet up now.  Drop by soon?)

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