Friday, 30 July 2010

Feeling beachy, thanks

Vent du Sud brings you:

Opening 12.30 SLT - 21.30 Europe
at the Vent du Sud ART CAFÉ

Who? R0bin Helsinki, a fantastic photographer and inveterate traveller
What? Views from beaches all over the world: unusual, striking, unique (and affordable!)
Why come today? Because these photos are beautiful. Because R0bin is fun to talk to. And because today, there are gifts (including photos and surprise gifts at the opening) and dancing on the square!
How long? Until R0bin puts up a new series of photos, so don't wait too long - she has so many fantastic themes and ideas.

And while you're here, have a wander on our quiet beaches, admire the sunsets from a lighthouse... and feel free to come over in swimwear and dive off our dock (or watch the dolphin, the seagulls or the waves or take a pedalo ride around the island).

(Swimwear on me: "Swallow" by BareRose which is my all-time favourite and comes in 4 colours for 135L)
(PS: Find it at BareRose using their website here)

We would really, really love to see you at Vent du Sud later today (and the exhibition is already open so if you can't make it later, come on over right away)!

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